Manager of Client Testing

Official Title: Manager of Client Testing
Status: Full-Time, Exempt
Department: Client and Product Management
Reports To: SVP, Client and Product Management


Design and execute testing plans to meet internal and external requirements for program changes, functionality changes, and new product launches. Ensure accuracy of implementation work sets. Produce documentation for external consumption. Lead other employees though testing protocols, training them in testing methodology. Coordinate with other CampusDoor testing resources to design and execute plans.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop detailed Quality Assurance (QA) environment and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment plans to ensure accuracy of client setups on CampusDoor proprietary platforms.
  • Execute testing plans, documenting results for internal and external consumption.
  • Follow through on observations from QA and UAT environment testing, confirming precisely executed implementations.
  • Report critical findings immediately to lead implementation resources and SVP, Client and Product Management.
  • Design and communicate testing best practices to internal stakeholders.
  • Present testing documentation, including plans and outcomes, to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Self-manage assigned work sets, communicating status of assigned tasks on a regular basis.
  • Contribute suggestions for business process and system enhancements to increase efficiency, increase revenue and reduce expenses.
  • High School Degree or equivalent; Associate or Bachelor's degree preferred.
  • 3-5 years' experience developing and/or implementing test plans or managing technology requests.
  • Demonstrate good knowledge of commonly-used concepts, practices, and procedures used in the IT environment, including the creation and execution of test plans utilizing standard methodology.
  • Exhibit excellent written/verbal communication skills and strong analytical and critical thinking skills.
  • Possess extraordinary attention to detail and ability to manage multiple projects and priorities.

Remote Work:
We often support a flexible work arrangement, which allows our employees to spend time working from their home location with prior approval from their manager. We find that employees who are successful when working from home have the following tools:

  • A reliable, high-speed Internet connection that is uninterrupted during business hours
  • A smartphone with a video camera
  • A laptop or desktop computer equipped with at least Microsoft Windows 10 or MacOS 10.12 ("Sierra")


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