About CampusDoor


CampusDoor provides innovative student loan solutions, systems and processing to lenders enabling them to help their customers pay for college. We understand the education finance marketplace, and leverage our knowledge and technology to help our clients achieve their goals.

CampusDoor was founded in 1995 to deliver loans to students and their families via web-based application systems. The company pioneered the first on-line private student loan application with a live underwriting and response system and has continued to lead the industry in expertise and technology. CampusDoor has processed over $11 billion in private student loan applications assisting over 1.4 million unique borrowers. CampusDoor is flexible, accurate and client centric, focusing on data security and regulatory compliance while working with our clients to rapidly deploy their customized loan programs to market.


CampusDoor maintains expertise in the student lending industry including the regulatory environment, market trends, and consumer needs. Most importantly CampusDoor takes the time to understand the needs of our clients to ensure we deliver the right solution.


CampusDoor creates innovative solutions leveraging state-of-the-art technology to guarantee our clients remain at the cutting edge of the industry. We utilize a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with parameter driven web-based configuration management that enables rapid implementation, simple revision and deployment of lender-specific settings. CampusDoor’s obsession with performance analytics and industry insight contribute to the ongoing enhancement of our nimble proprietary platform, consistent through-put improvement and ensures ongoing regulatory compliance.


CampusDoor's solutions help our clients achieve rapid market entry, cost savings, on time delivery, increased through-put efficiency, best in class customer service, and volume growth. Our clients achieve peace of mind knowing they are making the right loans to right people while minimizing portfolio, compliance and reputational risk.